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Hire a Painter or Painter's for a Day

Painter For A Day

Painter or Painter's for a Day: Pallas Painting Gets That To-Do List Down to Zero

The tyranny of a to-do list is something we can all relate to. The list keeps getting longer and longer, more tasks added to it, but the rate at which you check them off fails to keep pace. At some point, we all throw our hands up in the air and toss the list into the trash. If it's not helping, why have one in the first place?

Painting a bedroom or a hallway is typically a big-ticket item on that to-do list. We all want our homes to look their best, but we rarely have the time and energy to pour into getting things done. That's why Pallas Painting's Painter /Painter's for a Day in the Chicago land surrounding areas is such a help. For an affordable price, you can have professional painting done in your home - and you never have to lift a finger.

Affordable Rates, Professional Results
What's stopping you from making the decision to hire a painter? The roadblocks are most often twofold - finding the right service provider, and at the right price.

At Pallas Painting, we've been serving home and business owners in the Greater chicago land area since 1989. You get a trusted professional that can make expert recommendations and provide outstanding service, and you also get a price that is more than worth the tradeoff in time and energy saved.
If you've been waiting to make the decision to hire a painter or 2 wait no more. Take advantage of the Painter for a Day or 2-3 Painters for a Day you'll find at Pallas Painting.

Everything Is Easy
When you paint on your own, you must first get the right supplies. Then, you'll need to prep the room for painting. Then you'll need to paint. Finally, you need to clean up the area and the supplies. When you choose to hire a painter or 2-3 Painter's from Pallas Painting, we take care of the entire project, from start to finish.

We show up ready to work and with the right supplies in hand. We quickly and properly prep the area for painting. We get the job done right. Finally, we clean up after ourselves. We're painting at homes and businesses throughout the area each day, so we know how to work with efficiency that only emerges from repetition.

With our Painter/Painter's for a Day service, one-three of our trained professionals comes to your house with all the necessary supplies for up to eight hours of work. Together, you create a priority list for painting-related work you need completed, and our professional will get to work.

Hire a Painter for a Day or 2-3 Painters for a Day to:
Paint a guest bathroom or a kitchen
Touch up interior trim
Paint exterior trim, shutters, doors, soffits and fascia and more
Pressure wash exterior surfaces like decks, patios, steps and walkways
Perform minor repairs, such as touching up drywall cracks and repairing water stains
Do a combination of jobs for up to eight hours

The Value of a Painter for a Day: $460
The value of 2 Painters for a Day: $630
The Value of 3 Painter's for a Day: $798

The service includes:

  • 1-3 professional Pallas Painters
  • One fully-equipped Pallas Painting vehicle with all necessary supplies
  • Up to 8 hours of quality painting
  • May include 1 gallon of white trim paint and 1 gallon of white ceiling paint
  • Custom colors do not apply; Customers must supply custom colors if desired
  • Rate Per Day is good for three days. Larger projects will require an estimate

Get started with a Pallas Painter/Painter's for a Day today

For small work that doesn't require an estimate and a full crew, contact us for your Painter or 2-3 Painter's for a Day. Turn your to-do list over to the pros. We're ready to help.


  • Painter for a day is up to 9 foot ceilings. Any ceiling height above 9 feet will require additional painter.
  • All hours must be used in 1 visit.
  • Does not include: Wall paint or Additional paint that we already provided (discounted pricing is available thru Pallas Painting)
  • If Pallas Painting completes the job under 8 hours, you will be billed appropraitely by the hours worked plus any material purchased. If Pallas Painting is going to be over the hours, upon your approval for staying, you will be billed the hourly rate per hour worked



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